Blithe Fabrics Blog Tour


Welcome to Needle in Fabric Stash’s Blog. We are a boutique style modern fabric store in Temecula, Calif. and if there’s one thing that inspires us to create beautiful, one-of-a-kind projects, it’s the alluring details of Art Gallery Fabrics. Since being invited to participate in Katarina’s Roccella’s Blithe Fabrics Blog Tour, I have been excited to share with you the way these prints so effortlessly bring this unique shirt design to life and give you the chance to add this piece to your own Art Gallery Fabrics wardrobe!


Every minimalist needs a couple of great feature pieces in her wardrobe to accent her jeans, favorite pair of boots and small collection of tees. When Blithe Fabrics by Katarina Roccella arrived in our shop, Eternal Nature Grey in Linen immediately pulled at my heartstrings and I could already imagine the way it would illuminate a stand out piece that would soon freshen up my wardrobe. I was delighted! Some of the best memories I’ve had with sewing garments over the years include finding unique prints on different substrates. This print is a catch. I already had the West Water Tunic Pattern by Samantha May Lamb and knew it was a perfect combo for the layered look I was going for.  

What also made this project special is that this is the first available Art Gallery linen cotton print. It washes well, has a nice drape and surprisingly it does not wrinkle very much for a cotton linen. The West Water Tunic Pattern, available in our Temecula shop and online, is very easy to follow and sews up quickly. The handmade fussy cut covered button gave the top a finished look that a store bought button just couldn’t achieve. It seems to go along with the simple yet sophisticated look of this tunic.


When I browse high-end boutique shops I love to look at the finishing touches inside garments. As they say, the devil is in the details. So, when vintage print cottons are used for linings in shirts and jeans, this small, but mighty element can make you feel like a million bucks on the inside and out. Using the Joy Wreaths Plum cotton print out of the Blithe collection did just that. This print created a beautiful lining, capturing that chic designer look just like that .

The Blithe bundles and prints are selling quickly at Needle in a Fabric Stash and the enduring prints lend themselves to a slew of  sewing and quilting projects. Although this time I chose to feature a garment for the blog tour, over the holidays my daughter, Hannah, designed sophisticated pillowcases with three of the prints from the Blithe Collection. We were also inspired in the shop to curate a woodland style fat quarter bundle   combining Blithe with some of Katarina’s other fantastic collections.

Now it’s time for you to create with Blithe Fabrics! If you are still searching for ideas head on over to Katarina’s Blog to get inspired and stay updated daily on the Blithe Blog Tour. Tomorrow Cassie and Alexis will show off some amazing patterns using Blithe knits. Be sure to check out their blogs Lily Shine Boutique and My Sweet Sunshine