Use, Stash, Repeat with Bountiful Fabrics Blog Tour

I‘m delighted to be back for another blog tour for Sharon Holland’s Fabric designs. This time I’ve managed to create some striking and extremely practical projects with the  Bountiful Fabric Collection designed by Sharon Holland for Art Gallery Fabrics.

Bountiful Graphic banner-01.jpeg

My dear friend Alexis, creator of the My Sweet Sunshine Studio Blog, and I shared a photo shoot last year for Sharon’s Coastline Blog Tour and had so much fun.  Now we are back sharing a day together for these Bountiful projects! She and I met in my fabric shop, Needle in a Fabric Stash, just over two years ago and instantly began a friendship filled with drooling over the latest and greatest Art Gallery Fabrics and sharing (usually via on-going text because we are both crazy busy) details and progress about current sewing projects.

This time around I’ve created the Use, Stash, Repeat pattern for reusable bags using Sharon’s amazing Bountiful prints. Click here to see the full collection. 

bag on fence.jpegFabric Bundle Best Pic.jpg

Cities all over America have adopted a plastic bag ban. When Temecula passed the law last year, I was eager and ready to support it by creating the Use, Stash, Repeat bag pattern. I took pride in making every effort to stay in-line with a no waste theme by creating dimensions for the bag so you end up wasting almost zero fabric.  The Bountiful designs and this reusable bag go great together.  Each bag uses a trio of Bountiful Fabrics.

photo 2-2Arborescent SeasonsGather Rustic and Haymow Early 
photo 3Perennial Optimism , Prairie Crimson and Plain Weave Thatch

More fun to admire than decorated Easter Eggs, these bags conveniently roll up and easily fit into pretty pocket style pouches sewn into the bags. The pouches fit perfectly in your glove compartment or purse so you can always be prepared when you are running errands on the go. With one handle exposed, you can hang them on your shoulder until you’ve finished shopping! And, of course, I couldn’t pass up a chance to create some handmade buttons with scraps from Bountiful Fabrics as well as previous Sharon Holland Fabric Designs.

When I was planning out the photo shoot for these projects I thought it would be fun to hit three of my favorite Temecula shops to show off these great bags made from a selection of my favorite Bountiful Prints.

Old Town Spice and Tea Merchant was first on my list. I picked up some of my favorite spices to prepare a gourmet Easter Brunch for the Stone Family. It was fun to fill up the bag made with the Arborescent Seasons print with spices such as masala chocolate chai for tea and fine herbs for eggs benedict. Once filled, I realized that this bag and the specialty spices inside would also make a great gift for the chef in your life!

spice merchant

Farmer’s markets are always fun places to pick up herbs, flowers and fresh produce. These bags are perfect for a stroll through Farmer’s Market, but truth be told, the asparagus in the photo came from the fields of UC Riverside and is a special variety developed by husband Neil in his research work. We are very blessed to have the best of the best asparagus every Spring and wow does it look amazing in the bag made with the Perennial Optimism print.

farmers market

And I’m sure Alexis would agree that our favorite local spot to bring a Bountiful bag and fill it to the brim is Needle in a Fabric Stash! Just look at all these beautiful Bountiful fabrics in the bag with Scenic Blue Sky utilized as the main print.  

best local fabric shop

Now’s a good time to head on over to Alexis’ blog. She showcases the Bountiful Fabrics in a stunning dress that pairs lovely with these bags.

smell the flowersdress and fence

For even more inspiration be sure to check out yesterday’s maker, Mathew Boudreaux’s blog to see what he created for the tour. Links for all the makers participating in the Bountiful Blog Tour can be found on Sharon’s website



  1. Diane Beavers says:

    Sue, thank you for sharing your reusable bag. I love the idea of a greener earth and have begun to make many fabric totes. Perennial Optimism is definitely my favorite, sweet print in the Bountiful collection. Then again, all are so earthy and beautiful.


  2. rivahratsquilting says:

    Love Sharon’s line!!


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