Fabric makes me happy…

I’ve been sewing for almost my entire life. I still remember my first few projects: a red jumper with brightly colored hang ten feet all over it and a short yellow dress with bright flowers and ric-rac. The dress had an opening in the front with matching shorts peeking through. I always made matching shorts so I could swing on the bars on the playground in my elementary days. I made samples, prom dresses and calico bikinis in high school as an assistant manager at House of Fabrics in Carlsbad CA. Then came quilts, nursery and home décor, and Easter outfits for my babies, Sean and Hannah. One of the greatest projects was designing and making my own wedding dress!

sue bio shot

A few years ago our family had some rough times and much sadness. Sewing and quilting were my safe haven. I was so tired some days that all I could do was look atmy bright and happy fabric stashes, regroup them and plan their futures…it was enough to lift my spirits. I missed the days of teaching folk art painting and quilting. I began to realize that it was time to return to my dream and passion of owning a fabric store and teaching others the art of sewing. The day has arrived and this high school math teacher is going rogue to open Needle in a Fabric Stash, a modern fabric store with a sewing studio!

This couldn’t be happening without all my friends and family and even new friends stepping in with amazing support. Hannah, my daughter who I taught to sew, will handle my social media…Go Mustangs! Sean, my son, showed me that change that looks impossible can happen. Thank you Sean for reminding me often that it was going to be my turn soon to realize my dream. Neil, my husband, is so enthusiastic and supportive. I’ve never seen anyone so eager to put in a new floor… haha! My 91 year old father-n-law (I call him steady Eddie) asks every time we talk to him “how can I help?” I’m so blessed to have such a great father-in-law.

Here’s to a new adventure! I hope my store, classes and bright, fun, trendy fabrics make you happy too.




  1. Awesome!


  2. I’m so excited for you! I just happened to drive by your store the other day and had to check out what it’s all about. I’ve always wanted to learn how to sew/quilt so maybe you can make my dream a reality!! I will definitely be stopping by the store soon! Congrats and best of luck on your new adventure!

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  3. Paulette Montanari says:

    Sue, Just wish you the best in opening a great studio. I am a quilter & I live near by. Will be visiting soon.
    Warmest regards,

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  4. ligardenguru says:

    Good luck with your fabric shop! I’m coming down today to have a look. I would love to take some classes too!

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  5. ligardenguru says:

    Good luck with your fabric shop. It looks so clean and bright with lots of cool fabrics. I hope that lots of Temecula folks will get bitten by the ” fabric Bug” and go on to do creative things. I can’t imagine living without my sewing machine! Happy new year to the Stone family.

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